Camp Gan Israel, (CGI) prides itself on its exceptional staff. All staff come with prior camp experience and a desire to work with kids. Bunk sizes are kept small and well staffed, our camp maintains a low staff-camper ratio. Each Special is run by professional instructors.

Our Camp Director, Rabbi Schneur Scheiman, has many years of day camp experience. He is the leader of our top staff and takes great pride in our on-going, comprehensive staff training program. His extensive experience with pre-schoolers through teenagers makes him a valuable friend and administrator to our camp throughout the summer.

We take great pride in our commitment to recruiting, training and keeping the highest quality staff in the camping profession. Over the years, Camp Gan Israel Chicago has always been dedicated to small groups with exceptional staff supervision. This ensures the best possible care, instruction and supervision for our campers. Our counselors are highly trained, dedicated, and experienced, and all are fully trained in First Aid and CPR.

CGI Chicago staff application. 

CGI welcomes all staff applications. Please keep in mind that we receive more applications than positions available. Each application will be reviewed and considered. We will be choosing our staff based on their qualifications and suitability for CGI Chicago.

By answering the questions on this form, you will assist in our decision making. We encourage you to respond honestly and to answer all of the questions on this form. Please call Rabbi Scheiman for any assistance needed in filling out this form. 847-345-6406.

To apply for a staff position in Gan Israel Chicago please fill out the following form:

Applicant Information
Legal Name
Middle Last  
Permanent Address
City State
Date of Birth
Contact Info
Emergency Contact Info
Phone Relationship  

Work History and Experience

Provide a record of all relevant employment (paid and volunteer).  Include position of camp staff and names and contact info. of supervisor. 

1.   Camp:
Year: Position:
Director/Supervisor Phone Number:  
 2.   Camp:
Year: Position:
     Director/Supervisor: Director/Supervisor Phone Number:  
Year: Position:
     Director/Supervisor: Director/Supervisor Phone Number:  

Current Position

  School/Employer Name: Position:    

Character References

Give names and contact info. of two persons (not relatives) having knowledge of your character, experience, work habits and ability.


   Name:  Phone:    
   Name:  Phone:    

 Other Information

  Driver License   I have a valid Driver's License

Driver License State:

 Driver License Number:

CPR/1st Aid Certification   

I am certified in CPR/1st Aid through the end of July of this year.  

I am not CPR/1st Aid certified, and will require training in camp.  

I am not CPR/1st Aid certified, and will arrange for my own training.


The camp's policy is to prohibit all forms of harassment by our employees.  This includes sexual, racial, religious, and other forms of harassment.  Have you ever been accused of harassment of any person including, but not limited to, workplace harassment? (Note: a prior accusation or conviction is not an automatic bar to employment.  The type of conviction or accusation and when it occurred will be evaluated by the camp before any decision is made.)  
Yes  No


Criminal Record 

  Have you ever been convicted of a violent crime, a crime against children or any other crime other than a minor traffic offense? 
If yes, please describe.  (Note: a prior conviction is not an automatic bar to employment.  The type of conviction and when it occurred will be evaluated by the camp before any decision is made.)

Yes  No
Authorization to Invest  

I authorize investigation of all statements herein, including any checks of criminal records, and release the camp and all others from liability in connection with same. 
I understand that, if employed, I will be an at-will employee unless there is an agreement or law which alters that status.  Furthermore, I understand that any agreement must be in writing and signed by the designated camp official. 
I also understand that untrue, misleading, or omitted information herein or in other documents completed by the applicant may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by the camp.

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