The Chabad Living Legacy Holiday Series aims to provide a unique and creative educational tool that will link Jewish teaching and learning to Jewish practice and living.

This innovative program addresses one of the primary challenges facing the educational world today – to encourage children and families to actively participate and learn about their heritage and its practices, and to experience the beauty and joy of Shabbat and holidays. The series offers fun rewarding ways to explore Jewish holidays and ritual objects.

With a creative project signifying each holiday, these hands-on-programs transform Judaism from dry textbook religion to a vibrant, living force.

By bringing a complete package to schools and organizations, the Living Legacy program touches every corner of the community, spanning the entire spectrum of ages and affiliation.

Shofar Factory

With unique media, and innovative presentation methods, participants will:

· Gain insight into the significance of the Shofar in the celebration of Rosh Hashanah

· Craft a genuine Shofar from the raw horn of a ram.

· See and hear a demonstration of the traditional blasts, while acquiring skills of blowing the Shofar.

· OPTION: Craft one Shofar to be used at the school's discretion; for an additional fee, students may craft and take home their own Shofar.

Olive Press  

As a group of Macabees, students will refine the olive oil needed for the Temple Menorah while they:

· Pit fresh olives, squeeze them with a hand press.

· Strain and then spin the extract in a centrifuge to separate the pure oil.

· Enjoy a video of an olive oil factory in Italy, which introduces them to the modern process.

· Fashion a wick out of cotton for use with the oil when lighting the Menorah.

· Take home a sample of the oil.

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Matzah Bakery

Passover will become more meaningful when children have a chance to dig into the dough as they:

· Produce flour from wheat kernels, winnow, and separate the chaff from the grain.

· Collect the grain into a hand-driven wheat mill and grind it into flour.

· Knead, roll, and bake the dough into a handmade matzah in the required amount of time.

Delight in taking home their very own freshly baked matzah, a baker's hat, and a Shmurah Matzah for their family Seder table.

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More Living legacy programs coming soon.....