Dear Parents,


We are excited to announce that CAMP GAN ISRAEL WILL BE OPEN FOR SUMMER 2020! We all know how important camp is for our children in a regular year, and that need has only increased after so many months of uncertainty and isolation.


Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we have made several updates to our program including new session dates, updated pricing, and a comprehensive set of safety guidelines in accordance with the guidance published by the CDC, ACA, and the Illinois Department of Health. Our program has been designed to match and exceed the current guidance and has been reviewed by local camping and health professionals. 

Please read through our list of program updates and adjustments below, including a list of the safety measures we have implemented for this summer. In addition to the guidelines and updates set forth here, we will be sending out an updated parent handbook that covers all of our updates to the program, how to communicate with our staff, our updated “Communicable Disease Plan” (CDP), and so much more. Parents/Guardians will receive this information in the coming weeks. 


This program plan is accurate as of the time of this writing, but will be continuously updated and revised as the laws, guidelines, and situation changes. CGI has always been flexible with our families in the past, however, due to these unprecedented times, we must strictly adhere to these protocols to ensure the safety of our campers. 



Dates and Times

Camp Dates: July 6 - July 31

There will be a single, 4 week session this summer.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a single week registration option this summer.

Camp Hours: 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

No morning or afternoon extended care or bus transportation available


Full Session (4 Weeks): $900.00

Refund Policy: If Camp Gan Israel is forced to cancel or temporarily close a program due to an infection, Camp Gan Israel will offer a full refund for unused days (prorated) to all campers affected. Only those campers (and siblings) who are directly affected by the closure will be offered a refund. 


Program Adjustments:

Offsite Activities: There will be no offsite activities this summer (i.e., no field trips or swimming). 

Food Safety

  • CGI will not be offering a hot lunch option at this time. Meals will be eaten while observing social distancing rules.
  • Limited food fun activities will take place with individualized sets of supplies.
  • In lieu of shared water fountains, disposable water bottles will be available to campers. 
  • CGI will offer pre-packaged, individual snacks for morning/afternoon and Shabbos party snack.

Group Sizes: Camp will be limited to 10 campers and 2 counselors per bunk. Each bunk will run as an independent cohort, there will be no moving between bunks.

Daily Schedule: Our daily schedule has been updated to include activities that will allow us to spend a majority of the day outdoors to help observe social distancing (weather permitting). We will be limiting camp-wide gatherings, although CGI favorites such as line-up, Shabbos Party, and Dress-up Days will still take place in an alternate format.

Face Coverings: Campers and their counselors will not have to wear face coverings within their cohort when they are outdoors. Face coverings will be required when they enter an indoor facility or if they are less than 6 ft from another group.

If your camper is not comfortable wearing a face covering at all, this may not be the environment for your child this summer.


Additional Health & Safety Updates & Guidelines:

Here are some of the additional guidelines that we will be following this summer at Camp Gan Israel, please note that this list is not comprehensive so please feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions or concerns with our plan.

  • No parents or visitors will be allowed on campus.
  • Bathrooms will be the only shared space on campus (where campers & staff of different bunks may be in the same place at the same time), bunks will have dedicated bathroom times to avoid mixing as much as possible. Bathrooms will be sanitized between each group.
  • All campers and counselors will wash their hands between all activities and before and after eating. Campers will be reminded to stay extra careful with hand washing, using sanitizer and other important hygienic guidelines at all times. Campers will be outdoors as much as possible. All indoor areas will be well ventilated at all times.
  • Campers will each have a dedicated supply box to minimize shared supplies and direct contact.
  • Camp Gan Israel will have a dedicated cleaner sanitizing our campus and equipment throughout the day, all shared equipment will be sanitized between each use.
  • CGI staff will be providing limited assistance with sunblock. Parents must apply sunblock before camp and teach their children to reapply on their own, counselors can assist campers when needed but will change gloves between campers
  • Any camper or staff member who has experienced fever, vomiting, cough, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell or other symptoms typical of Covid-19 will be unable to rejoin the program until 72 hours after the symptoms subside, in most cases a negative test result and/or doctor’s note will be required before returning.
  • Any camper or staff member who displays a temperature greater than 101 or other symptoms during the camp day will be isolated from the rest of camp and sent home ASAP.

Morning Drop-off Procedures:

Parents are required to check their children’s temperature before arriving at camp each morning and to keep their children at home if they or any household member have fever or other symptoms. Additionally, all campers will be temperature checked with a contactless thermal thermometer before being checked in each morning, any camper with a fever of 100.4 will be sent home. To minimize congregating, parents are asked to remain in their vehicles during morning check in.

All campers entering the campus will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the CGI campus.


Afternoon Pickup Procedures:

In order to increase the social distancing, all campers will be assigned a designated pickup area at different ends of the CGI parking lot. Parents with multiple children may be assigned more than one pickup area for their children.

Please make sure that whoever is picking up your child/ren is fully aware of the correct pick up area/s, to reduce confusion and aggravation.