Camp Location:

Our campsite is located at 2548 Jasper Ct. in Northbrook, IL.

The spacious indoor and outdoor facilities enable us to provide campers with summer fun, whatever the weather outside.

Our Day Camp is divided into the following options


Specialty Week (one week)

School's out but camp hasn't started yet? Sign up for Specialty Week! During this one week, your child will enjoy undivided attention from our special instructors. They'll be teaching them skills such as martial arts, engineering, culinary skills, and creative arts. More information can be found on the Specialty Week page.

Summer Camp (2 sessions)

Weekly Judaic themes are taught through exciting activities, stories, songs, games and contests, which are part of the unique Gan Israel experience. Combined with group discussions and educational programs, these events bring to life the beauty and values of our tradition. Of course you can also expect all the regular camp activities, such as swimming, field trips, electives and fun shops.

Adventure Week (one week)

After Summer Camp is over, we offer yet another fun-filled week of camp! We go on exciting trips every day.



Each of our summer programs are tailored to be age appropriate and flexible to serve the needs of each child. With each new division, children will encounter new adventures, excitement, and challenges, all built on the CGI hallmarks of safety, fun, and unconditional love.

Main Division

Ages 6-9 
Campers in our main division  thrive in the positive Jewish atmosphere and spirit unique to “Gan Izzy”. Our bunks are led by qualified counselors who are committed to the safety and fun of all campers. Our main division features a  full daily program with bi-weekly trips and specialty activities like Cooking, Sports, Arts and Crafts, and much more. In addition, swimming takes place twice a week under the careful supervision of certified lifeguards.

Pioneers Division

Ages 10-11 
For the budding tweens, the main division activities are spiced up with extra programs, such as team building activities, exciting overnights, additional trips, and of course the campers leave camp with the extraordinary warmth and friendships that are a natural result of a summer at CGI. The pioneer program  is led by our highly qualified and trained counselors who are completely devoted and dedicated to giving their campers the summer of a lifetime. They are leaders who are excited  to impart the timeless values of our heritage and tradition in a way that the campers are able to learn and appreciate them and most importantly, enjoy and take pride in the fact that they are the next link in Jewish History. 

Teen Camp

 For more information, go to our Teen Camp Page


During both sessions of our Summer Camp, all campers get to explore their talents and develop new skills with our popular 'Clubs'- Electives and Funshops. Before the summer, your child gets to choose one Elective and one Funshop they would like to attend every Wednesday. 

Electives are activities the children will do under guided supervision of special instructors. Funshops are activities they'll be doing on their own, of course with the dedicated assistance of the counselors.
Below you'll find some of the various available options with a short description.

This signup is in addition to regular registration 


Samples only. Electives and Funshops can change from year to year


The basketball elective is designed to prepare campers for team basketball. The club will focus on individual skills but will revolve around team concepts in the form of games. Campers will learn individual skills such as shooting, dribbling, and passing while using these skills in a game format.

Martial Arts 

Learn the art of balancing, coordination and self-defense skills. Campers will have the opportunity to learn brand new skills while engaging in group activities and exercises that are tailored to their own level of experience.  

Chess Skills
A master chess player will teach your child the fundamentals of the game of chess. Children compete against each other and staff members in this ancient game.

This elective is the perfect choice for your budding artist. Your child will be using colors, beads, pipe cleaners, and clay to create unique artworks. 

Woodworking is a blast, but it can be intimidating for beginners. Luckily, our campers can gain practical tools and skills from our experienced craftsman, who'll make sure your child comes home with hands-on projects they -and you- will be very proud of.


Samples only. Electives and Funshops can change from year to year

Game Room
Camp is about having a good time with other children, building social skills in a fun way. Our Game Room is filled with, you guessed it, games and activities campers can enjoy together.

Lego Room
Brick after brick, there's something to building a large Lego project together. Children can let their imaginations soar as they join their friends in creating cities, vehicles and friendships for life.

Food Fun                                                                                                                                             
Experimenting with different types of food to create fun and exciting snacks and treats. Your child will learn how to enjoy snacking healthfully and all about being helpful and safe in your kitchen at home.

Led by a talented CGI staff member, campers will use their imagination and creative skill sets to craft innovative and useful household items out of recycled materials. The DIY elective will cater to creative and crafty campers with weekly projects utilizing hands-on methods and a variety of skill sets.

Aleph Champ
Learn to read Hebrew this summer! Modeled after the universal martial-arts philosophy of color-coded levels and testing, the Aleph Champ elective allows campers to proceed at their own pace while providing the motivation and inspiration to succeed in reaching their Hebrew reading goals, all with a dose of signature CGI fun!