For transportation fees click here (link to dates and rates)




Drop off


A. G. Beth. Stop

8:10 am

4:40 pm


(Devon and Lawndale)


Free Stop

8:20 am

4:30 pm 


(Devon and Richmond)


Adas Yeshurun Stop

8:30 am

4:20 pm


(Touhy and Albany)


Chabad of Skokie Stop

8:45 am

4:05 pm


(Dempster and Karlov)


Parents whose children will be utilizing camp-provided transportation are asked to remain with them until the children have boarded the bus. Counselors on board the bus will supervise the bus ride to camp.

Van Tranportation (Suburbs)

Door to Door van transportation will be provided in the suburbs by DTN Transportation. If you paid for transportation, David Nevidomsky will be contacting you shortly before camp to discuss the details. Once camp begins, please call David with any questions or changes, his phone number is (847) 344-0586. If you can’t reach David and it’s urgent, please call Rabbi Scheiman.

Pick Up

Whether your child is taking the bus or getting picked up by a carpool, we must know exactly who is picking up your child from camp or from the bus stop. During the camp registration process, you will be asked for this information.  We will not let your child go home with someone else unless we have parental consent. If you would like to make a change in your child’s transportation arrangement, please call to inform us before noon on the day of changed pick up.